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Where does my drive to help you come from...


Why I chose this career...

My name is Kim and I became interested in nutrition as a whole health mindset in the middle of my own journey to lose weight. I had an amazing coach who listened to me and my concerns and created a plan that I could stick with. Somewhere along the line I hit the weight loss number that I was hoping for and still didn't feel like I had accomplished my goals. That's where I had a mindset shift. This wasn't about a certain weight or a way I looked but instead about how I felt in my own skin. Because of that mindset shift I have maintained my weight, changed my activity level, changed how I view food, and have become a healthier version for myself and an example of health for my kids.

From this experience a passion and excitement for me to help others find this same sense of health grew. So I took the Precision Nutrition Certification Course and the NASM Personal Trainer course in order to have the knowledge to become an effective coach. I can't wait to see you feel comfortable in your own skin and change your life forever. I will be your biggest cheerleader and also be there when you feel like you have failed. I will also be the one to remind you that life is always about doing better and working through the moments we feel like we have failed, not achieving perfection. Perfection doesn't exist. I can't wait to help you realize what you are capable of and become the healthier you that you want to be.

We Are a Team

I've been where you are. I was overweight, hardly exercised, and didn't make time for myself. Then I had kids and had even less time for myself. But, I changed my mindset and started believing that I also deserved to be cared for so I started working out and in December of 2018 I decided to address my nutrition. By the end of May 2019 I felt ready to learn how to maintain my weight loss. My coach helped me learn that skill too and now I still maintain what I lost with minor fluctuations. There are so many reasons to not take this journey. I want to share with you the reasons why you should take this journey and together we can navigate the obstacles in your way in order for you to find health in your life. I can't wait!!!

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