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What to Expect
Nutrition Coaching

What will your journey look like?  We will start with a general questionnaire so that I can better understand where you are at and where you want to go. From there we will discuss skills you have currently to make you successful and how we will build on them to help you meet your goals. This is not a one sized fits all approach. I want to create a plan together that meets your specific needs. We will discuss how you will know when you have met your goals, what types of measurements we will use, set expectations for communication and check ins, and create an initial plan of where we will start and which skill we will work on first. This can be anything...eating mindfully, getting a certain number of hours of sleep at night, meal prepping a certain number of meals for the week, finding time to move your body 3 times before we meet next.... This is all about you. I am here to encourage you, give you tools, help you get back up when feel you failed, and to remind you that each step you make towards change makes you better than the previous day. That is all we need to help you succeed. Small, consistent steps towards a new you. 

Length of the Program

6 month initial commitment

30 day notice of cancellation after that

$150 a month

This type of change needs time in order to build skills and ensure that you can consistently build to achieve your goals. 

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